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Class Actions

Every day, people across America are injured by a wide variety of corporate practices. Often, the amount at stake is too small compared to the cost of litigating against well-funded corporate defendants. That’s where class action lawsuits make a difference. A class action allows everyone who has been harmed by the same type of action, policy, practice or product to band together in a single case. We represent plaintiffs in class actions. We pay the full cost of the litigation and only get paid if the case succeeds.

Our Class Action practice provides access to court for people who otherwise could not afford to vindicate their rights. We take on the largest corporations in America and the best legal talent that their money can buy.

As part of our Class Action practice, we have litigated against some of America’s largest companies, including AT&T, Merck, Unilever/Conopco, Fidelity, JP Morgan, Sprint and Tyco. While every case is different and recoveries in one case do not guarantee success in another, we have recovered substantial amounts for our clients in numerous class action lawsuits, including $100 million from Time Warner, $70 million from Tyco, $44 million from Merck and $40 million from Cardinal Health.

Judges around the country have recognized IKR’s superior skills in class action lawsuits. For example, in a case against Merck, the court stated, “[w]hat is clear is that [IKR] does have substantial experience in this area and much more experience than other contenders.” Similarly, the court in a case against Tyco found that IKR and its co-counsel “have the necessary resources, skill and commitment to effectively represent the proposed class” and “extensive experience in both leading class actions and prosecuting ERISA claims.” In a case against Cardinal Health, the court also noted IKR’s “extensive experience in ERISA litigation,” the “high level of ERISA expertise” and “several well-argued briefs . . . on a range of issues.”

Courts have also recognized IKR’s outstanding results. In approving the class action settlement of a case against Sprint, the court found, “[t]he high quality of [IKR’s] work culminated in the successful resolution of this complex case” and that “the results obtained by virtue of the settlement are extraordinary. . . .” In the Tyco class action litigation, the court stated that the $70.525 million settlement in an “extraordinarily complex case factually” was “outstanding,” and “an extraordinary settlement given the circumstances of the case and the knowledge that [the Court] has about the risks that the plaintiff class faced in pursuing this matter to verdict.” In a class action case against Time Warner, the Special Master reviewing the $100 million settlement stated that the quality of IKR and its co-counsel’s work was “impressive,” and “[e]ven more importantly, they used the mediation process to persuade reluctant and determined defendants to part with settlement dollars well above those expected.” Obtaining an additional $30 million in that case stands out as “some of the hardest work and most outstanding results” obtained by IKR and its co-counsel. In negotiating this extraordinary settlement, IKR “stretched the defendants’ settlement tolerances beyond their limits.”

Izard, Kindall & Raabe handles every class action lawsuit with one guiding principle: we work as hard as we can to obtain the best results possible for each and every class member.

IKR’s Class Action practice includes:

Protecting Retirees and Retirement Plans

We bring class action lawsuits by employees over their 401(k), ESOP or pension plans. IKR’s successful lawsuits are changing the structure of retirement plans and improving protections for employees and their retirement savings.

We litigate class action cases where employees are charged excessive or undisclosed fees, as well as cases where pension plans are not properly funded.  We also challenge unfair changes to health benefits where employers improperly modify or remove employee benefits.

Investor Protection

Our Investor Protection class action practice focuses on recovering shareholder and investor losses resulting from excessive executive compensation, corporate mismanagement, self-dealing and stock fraud. We also pursue cases against brokerage firms for improper brokerage fees and charges.

Antitrust / Unfair Business Practices

Our Antitrust/Unfair Business class action practice helps businesses and individuals who challenge monopolization, price fixing, customer or geographic allocation, unfair competition, unfair trade and other improper business practices.

We litigate class actions on behalf of consumers and businesses who have been overcharged by their financial institutions, credit card companies, service providers or electricity supply companies in violation of their contracts.  We also bring actions and hold entities responsible for unfair or deceptive trade practices, false advertising, “bait-and-switch” tactics or overcharges.


Complex Litigation Practice

IKR clients choose us because of our skill in complex business disputes.


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